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Come and Join Melissa at the Barre!

No Tutu’s required

This fantastic class will help improve your mind and body and you will feel the benefits of many health factors.

This class is designed for all ages, shapes and sizes and it doesn't matter whether you have done ballet as a child or have never stepped inside a studio.

Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre

Don't just take my word for it, check out this recent article Janine Streuli at the Royal Academy of Dance and Fleur Derbyshire-Fox at the English National Ballet.

Long associated with super-skinny, injury-riddled prima donnas, ballet isn’t an obvious

workout for an average girl-in-the-street who is just looking to improve her health and fitness; for that, there is aerobics and yoga.

But, as Janine Streuli, lecturer at the Royal Academy of Dance, says: “Participation in ballet classes at any level can have a positive impact on the body in terms of flexibility and strength. Ballet can strengthen and tone the core muscles – the stomach and upper back – as well as the buttock area and all the main leg muscles.”

“Ballet works miracles,” says Fleur Derbyshire-Fox, director of learning at the English

National Ballet. “As an adult beginner, a ballet workout will improve your posture and

alignment. This helps general ease and grace of movement and improves your balance, which is vital in more mature students. Like any exercise, it reduces stress levels. Ballet, in particular, is fantastic at working your mind and your muscle memory.”

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes